Here I am!

Hello everyone and welcome to The Romeo Report.

I’ve worked in the fashion industry for five years. I began by majoring in Fashion Design, believing that artistic and creative designs were all I needed to make a name for myself. I’ve since learned that being business minded is just as important. You can be artistic and stand out among your peers, but at the end of the day, make sure what you’ve created will sell. Many designers, artist and photographers have faced this reality and were able to find ways express themselves to the masses while still making a living.

I wanted to launch a website that gives artists a venue to showcase their creations, while helping them earn money. As such,, is coming soon. It will be a place that brings different forms of art together; forms like graphics, illustrations, fashion, jewelry, etc.

Until then,, will be a blog sharing my artistic journey of starting and maintaining The Romeo Report. So join me and feel free to leave comments and suggestions. Starting a venture of this vein needs more than one voice.

See you soon!


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