Getting the vendors.

This part of starting the business can be fun and difficult at the same time. 

Yes, I get to do the shopping for the goods, but for whom am I shopping? Since I’m selling on the World Wide Web it may take me a bit longer to figure this out, unlike having a store with a street address where I can see, communicate and get faster feedback from the customers.

With starting an e-commerce site all I have to go off of are the target customers created by the merchandise listed on my site.

This takes me to buying. I will like to have vendors with unique creations that aren’t available to the masses through retail stores or many boutiques. Many vendors require a minimum when purchasing their goods instead of consignment terms, which I would prefer. Also, the designers only accept payments for their merchandise before shipping.

Once I know my best selling items, I’ll have a better idea who is visiting my site, my target audience and what to buy and sell for future seasons.  

Let my vendor wish list begin.


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