You Can’t Go Wrong With The Gifts.


Giving someone a gift for their living space is one of the safest ways to remain a great giver without offending anyone.    Adults like books with pictures just as much as kids do, we just like to put them on our coffee tables and they have hardcovers.  

Get some reasonably prices vases at Potterybarn. You can also get them engraved without breaking the wallet and impressing the gift receiver all at once. 

Home scents always rule and it’s one of the easiest gifts to purchase. Soy-based line, Archipelago, has scents that are not overwhelming, and keeps the fragrances in the air, long after a candle has been blown out.  

If you know someone that has a dog,  getting something for the four legged friend this Christmas, will make a great impression

Since this is the season when most of us eat a lot,  why not make sure the cook has some help from Dean and Deluca’s spice rack.  Wile the cooks are making the best meal for the year, everyone else can snack on cheeses, fruits or fine chocolates from Petrossian.

Pacific Connections at


Books available at




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