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Fashion Illustration: A Disappearing Art.

Illustrator Andy Warhol

Illustrator Andy Warhol

It originated with drawing and painting.  Once upon a time, Fashion Illustration was commissioned by fashion magazines as part of an editorial feature, a form of advertising or promoting a collection by fashion designers or department stores.

If you were to pursue a career in Fashion Design, as a student, several Fashion Illustration classes were on the required syllabus.  This form of art, that has been around for 500 years is slowly disappearing before our eyes.

Illustrator Jean-Philippe Delhomme

Illustrator Jean-Philippe Delhomme

Living in an era, where time means money, speeding up the process of creating a garment and getting it to the masses can easily be done by computers, and could cost much less once applied correctly.

Illustrator Amelie Hegardt

Illustrator Amelie Hegardt

Illustrator Ruben Toledo

Illustrator Ruben Toledo

Illustrator Julie Verhoven

Illustrator Julie Verhoeven

Illustrations were solely used on fashion magazines, until the 1930s when Vogue use it’s first photographic image.  It has gone from being a major way of communicating fashion to now playing a minor role.

Artists like Andy Warhol (1928-1987),  Jean-Philippe Delhomme, Tanya Ling, Ruben Toledo, Julie Verhoeven  plus many more, have worked for almost every major international fashion magazine and fashion business including Barneys, Dolce and Gabbana, Oscar De La Renta and Mulberry.

I would like to give a nod to a professor that opened my eyes and taught me more about F.I.T, than anyone else.

Renaldo Barnette

Renaldo Barnette

Renaldo Barnette

Renaldo Barnette

I had the pleasure of having Professor Renaldo Barnette, at Fashion Institute Of Technology, taught me for four years. He graded your drawing ability and lowered a grade if mistakes were made, always pushing you until you’re at your best.

Thank you Prof. Barnette for helping me understand that this isn’t just drawing but a form of art that should be respected.



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The Romeo Report: Issue 27


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MOMA Underground in Brooklyn.


The Real World’s Season 21 season was filmed here.  The historic neighborhoods have been used for backdrops in several recent films. Ikea’s biggest location in the states is in Red Hook and most of the emerging artists and fashion designers reside here. It was only a matter of time before MOMA came by to say hi.


The Museum of Modern Art has put up a temporary museum annex inside the large Atlantic Pacific subway station.  Renting the station’s 58 ad units, the museum installed reproductions of some of the institution’s most iconic and beloved artworks placed along platforms and passageways for anyone to view 24/7.


At first, I was a bit confused seeing the posters upon entering the station until the actual art installations were in front of me.  Pleased to see something different, besides the expected ads, I made an effort to use the same route going home that night; giving myself more than enough time to look at the art throughout the station.

To make the MOMA Atlantic Pacific experience even more gallery-like, visit the museum’s website, and download an audio tour that you can listen to as you browse the displays.

The exhibit runs though March 15.

Good job MOMA, I’ll be making my annual museum visits in the spring and summer.  See you there!


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Michael Roberts: The Illustrator of All Trades.

Like fine wine, Michael Roberts‘ work just gets better with time.  

He has worked as a fashion photographer and illustrator, for  L’Uomo Vogue; British, Italian, French, and American Vogue, to name a few.  Having carry the titles of  fashion, style and art director for The New Yorker, The Sunday Times and Tatler, Mr. Roberts has used his knowledge of magazines and editing to publish four books showcasing his illustrations.  

Currently the fashion and style director of Vanity Fair, Mr Roberts turns mockery of the fashion world into an art with his new book ” Fashion Victims

Enjoy the video!


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The Romeo Report: Issue 26


Click here to purchase some of my pieces. Enjoy

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A True Make-Up Artist: Romero Jennings

Years ago, I had the pleasure of having one of the world’s best make-up artists use my face as a palette. Romero Jennings, I knew him as Romero, was the only person I went to at the Mac Cosmetics store in Soho New York. He would give me sample cases full of products, teach me some techniques and enhance my features with the right colors. Once he left Soho, MAC wasn’t the same for me.

About two months ago, I came across a page on dedicated to their top artists around the world and of course Romero was one of them.
Romero JenningRomero Jennings 2

I’ve always looked as make-up to be the final piece to a look. These artists can be considered more creative than the fashion designers themselves because no two faces are the same, but they always manage to make all of their palettes look exactly the way they need to be at that moment.


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Look Down More Often.


It seems as though each designer wanted to make more of a statement using the shoes in their collection than the clothes this coming spring.  

Giambattista Valli gave us a new form of platform and sexy pumps rolled up into one, that had to be over 5 inches high.  “Pile it on,” was what the heels for Louis Vuitton would say, if they can speak.  Dolce & Gabbana created training heels for us this Spring and Prada and Marni wanted us to wear socks or tights with their creations.  With the economy being the way it is right now, designers couldn’t hold back, they had to give us more than the clothes to chose from.  

spring-shoes-2We get more wear out of our shoes, than clothes anyway, so when you buy one of the unique pair of shoes from your favorite designer this spring, know this, you’ll be walking in a pair of art pieces.


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