Michael Roberts: The Illustrator of All Trades.

Like fine wine, Michael Roberts‘ work just gets better with time.  

He has worked as a fashion photographer and illustrator, for  L’Uomo Vogue; British, Italian, French, and American Vogue, to name a few.  Having carry the titles of  fashion, style and art director for The New Yorker, The Sunday Times and Tatler, Mr. Roberts has used his knowledge of magazines and editing to publish four books showcasing his illustrations.  

Currently the fashion and style director of Vanity Fair, Mr Roberts turns mockery of the fashion world into an art with his new book ” Fashion Victims

Enjoy the video!



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2 responses to “Michael Roberts: The Illustrator of All Trades.

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  2. I love your work. I’ll add your blog to my favorites. I wish it was in English=( I want to do a profile post about you and your work. Can you send me anything in English? Thanks!

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