MOMA Underground in Brooklyn.


The Real World’s Season 21 season was filmed here.  The historic neighborhoods have been used for backdrops in several recent films. Ikea’s biggest location in the states is in Red Hook and most of the emerging artists and fashion designers reside here. It was only a matter of time before MOMA came by to say hi.


The Museum of Modern Art has put up a temporary museum annex inside the large Atlantic Pacific subway station.  Renting the station’s 58 ad units, the museum installed reproductions of some of the institution’s most iconic and beloved artworks placed along platforms and passageways for anyone to view 24/7.


At first, I was a bit confused seeing the posters upon entering the station until the actual art installations were in front of me.  Pleased to see something different, besides the expected ads, I made an effort to use the same route going home that night; giving myself more than enough time to look at the art throughout the station.

To make the MOMA Atlantic Pacific experience even more gallery-like, visit the museum’s website, and download an audio tour that you can listen to as you browse the displays.

The exhibit runs though March 15.

Good job MOMA, I’ll be making my annual museum visits in the spring and summer.  See you there!



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