You Smell So Good Brooklyn!

Bond No 9 BrooklynThe city that never sleeps inspires Bond no 9 to create fragrances for every New York neighborhood.  Each fragrance represents a specific downtown, midtown, or uptown locale or a city-wide sensibility.  Of course my interest lies with their latest addition, Brooklyn, which comes in a graffiti scrawled bottle.  Unisex with a desirably masculine attitude, Brooklyn the scent, is romantic and sexy, spicy-filled oriental that mingles cardamom, geranium leaves, cedarwood while grapefruit and juniper leaves accelerate the scent.

Brooklyn also has what’s known in the trade as sillage, which is to say, it doesn’t cling to the skin, but rather diffuses, leaving a trail behind it. To make things a bit more interesting, Bond no.9 is having a design competition right now to create the additional visuals for this scent.  Click here for more info.

Bond No 9 Bond No 9

Bond No 9 2Bond No 9 3




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6 responses to “You Smell So Good Brooklyn!

  1. Anonymous

    Am lovin it!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kamaria

    All the bottle designs, save for the graffiti-scrawled one, is working for me. Wonder what Manhattan,Queens and the Bronx smell like?

  3. Allie

    Is the bottle design competition for real? If so, that’s really cool of Bond –

    Love the way it sounds like it smells…grapefruit, geranium leaves and woods seems like a nice, fresh combo.

  4. landy

    Wonderdul designs and Talent, I love the colors. Keep up the great work you will do well.

  5. Thank you for your comment!!

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