Handbag Size.

FishEye CameraI’ve been trying to find the perfect camera that will be good for work and play.  During my search, I came across the smallest camera that can be suitable for someone who likes their electronics small and cute. Definitely not your average spy cam, but suitable for undercover work.


The Demekin Pocket Fisheye Camera, is not digital but maybe you will enjoy taking old-fashioned pictures and replacing the roll of film when it’s over. The camera is yours to own for just $38 and it will surely bring some fun into your photography life.  This portable and cute pocket fisheye camera, is not much bigger than a roll of film. You can check it out at Urban Outfitters.com




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  1. Kamaria

    I think this is one of the coolest cameras I’ve ever seen and I’m loving the price too.

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