Photographers Unite!

I know that photographers get together and have personal relationships with each other all the time, but when I found out about my two favorites being a couple, I had to give them a …

If you’re in the fashion world and haven’t seen or heard about The Sartorlialist, be ashamed. The mastermind, Scott Schuman, created a blog page to share photos of people he saw on the streets of New York that looked great. He has since made it international with photographs of fashionable ones from London, Paris, Italy also India.


Scott Schuman Photographer

Scott Schuman Photographer



Garance Dore, a French illustrator whose work I’ve seen over the past few years, decided to add to her artistic resume by photographing the chic on the streets or at fashion shows around the world, then publishing them on her blog.  


An illustration and photos from Garance Dore

An illustration and photos from Garance Dore

In the photography world, having these two as a couple is a match made in Click, Click Heaven.


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