Actually Want Her to Win, Beyonce That Is!

Beyonce, should have it.  Miss Knowles hit us strong in the beginning of 2009 with her latest album “I Am Sasha Fierce,” that dominated the charts the entire year.  Now that the Grammy nominees have been announced, this should be another year for Beyonce to shine.  It’s not the first Grammy Awards show that Beyonce has showed us her bootylicious skills, but this will be the first time I’ll be rooting for her.  I have to admit this is the first solo album from Beyonce , that I love, so the Diva will be in the house January 2010.

Miss Beyonce will have some stiff competition from forces like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, but wins or no wins under her belt Grammy Night next year, I’m quite sure Miss B.K will give us a performance that will have you hitting the rewind button on your DVR.  Maybe Tina Turner, (Beyonce’s best performing partner) will join her on the stage again this year.  Ok that’s me wishfully thinking.


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