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Food & Accessories, Music to My Ears.

Someone has read my mind, after all these years of praying for it, and putting it out there, two of my favorite things have been put together, literally!  Now this is where things could get a bit tricky, especially for a combo request like food and accessories. You have to be specific or else you never know what you’ll get in return.

Check out other delicious photos Fulvio Bonavia had me drooling over after the Jump


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Big and Flashy.

flashy 1

Show It Loud, Show It Proud.  You want to be noticed, the center of attention, right?  You can do it without saying a word, by wearing some of Fall’s accessories that are flashy in all the right ways.

flashy2flashy 3

Rock your clothes with big necklaces.  Your handbags will need there own seats in restaurants because of the embelishments on them and  your shoes…ohhh your shoes. No words needed, just stares.

Don’t Hate, Congratulate.


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Show Them What You Got Mr. Jean

Talk about putting us to shame. In less than 10 years this talent has maaged to win severals awards, published 4 books, worked for DC ComicsThe New York TimesSpinTarget, Prada just had his first solo exhibit in Jonathan LeVine Gallery and is just thirty years old.  I feel weird to be inspired by someone so young, but if you’ve seen the body of work James Jean has accumulated, you would become an instant fan also.

James Jean 1James Jean 2
This may also depend on the type of art you love. Mr. Jean draws you in with colors and animation, if you take a longer look, the dark story behind some of his piece starts to show. With the colors and his use of children or animated characters, most likely kids will be attracted to James creations, but  his pieces are definitely not G rated.

James Jean crayoneaterprada-james-jean-buildingJames Jean horseJames Jean hive

If you visit the bio page on his website, there is nothing except for the year he was born (1979-).  It is obvious that he is not one for many words, but his art says everything.  We should look forward to seeing you pretty often in the future Mr.J.

James Jean prada wallpaper

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Some Attention Needed.

Fall ’09 collections are giving us designers that wants to show that the recession shouldn’t hold us back from making a statement with our accessories.  From every fashion genre there are pieces that got a little Extra LOVE put into creating them than some others.  Here are some of my favorites, and tell me if you beg to disagree.

attention 1

attention 2

attention 3

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A Little More Heel on the Left.


It started as a shoes line for the fetish lifestyle in 2007.  Two years later, Nathalie Elharrar’s footwear collection, LaRare, has toned down, but still has a sexual angle for the chic ones who want the shoes to say a little something about themselves!  

Designing shoes for Thierry Mugler, Paule Ka, and Lagerfeld Gallery, gave Nathalie the inspiration and life experience to translate some of her intimate dreams into high heeled  art.  


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The Romeo Report Issue 19

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Two in One.

It obvious that designers had too much inspiration when creating their collections for Fall’08.  How did they manage to put everything into one season without having the pieces look like chaos?

Put the excess into the accessories.  

Color blocking, different textures and skins incorporated into a pair of shoes or a handbag.  See some of my favorite pieces.


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