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Fall ‘10 Shoes Preview With A Twist.

Balenciaga--Let's Play Tetris.

“What was your inspiration for this collection?” A required question that the designers are asked each season.  After the Fall’10 Fashion Week, I think they should be asked the same question about the footwear they put onto the models.  The shoes, have been getting just as much attention as the clothes being showed on the runways. For some of the designers, the reaction from viewers would be the tilting of the head and a raised eyebrow.

This past week the Parisian designers outdid themselves.  I had to wonder what they were thinking and mumbled that notorious question under my breathe. Unfortunately each of the following designers were not available to answer me and my imagination started to run wild!

Chanel–Big Foot. Givenchy–Little Red Riding Hood.Jean

Jean Paul Gaultier–Arabian Nights. Yves Saint Laurent–Last Of The Mohicans.

Paul Marni– The Woman that Lived In Her Shoe John Galliano–Ax Men

Photos Via Style.com


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Fashion Shows For Everyone!

Staying ahead and creating trends, isn’t that what fashion is all about? Well the latest trend that should have most people pleased is the new way to see the shows during fashion week.

The numbers have increased since last year for the amount of designers giving us immediate access by photographs online after a show and live streaming their collection(s).  This works great for some fashion editors who hate rushing to several shows in one day or others waiting for hours just to see a fashion preview that lasts less than 2o minutes.

William Rast is using the web to their advantage by “live streaming” their Fall 2010 show Wednesday 02/17/10 at 7pm.  Front row seat on the couch while wearing, what you want no complaints here!  Cutting cost anyway you can is smart.

For emerging fashion designers, spending money for a fashion show is a luxury they cannot afford.  Designers like Barbara TfankChris Benz Kimberly Ovitz gave us photos via Style.com, saving themselves thousands of dollars, and showing their creations to the consumers and fashion lovers directly.

This form of showcasing one’s collections opens it up to a bigger audience which should help with marketing and sales.

When the creative wheels start turning, cyberspace is limitless!   Why not give us a fashion show longer than 20 minutes or a mini movie?

In a recession we creative people always have to think of ways to keep the fashion innovative, exciting, ongoing and the money flowing!!

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Viktor and Rolf Take A Little Off The Top.

Viktor and Rolf took this recession cutting back thing literally.

Only the brave and fashion forward can pull off any of the looks from Viktor & Rolf  Spring’10 collection.  Doing “The Simple Thing” is not what Viktor & Rolf is known for, season after season they give us something besides safe.


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Nail Polish Under The Accessory Category.

All the colors under the rainbow, the skittles rainbow!  My favorite nail polish brand Essie, has some many colors to choose from, I can use them to paint an art piece.  Just waiting for there color range in the Adobe Suite like Pantone!  Until that happens, I’ve paired some nail colors from Essie with some of my favorite pieces from Spring’10 fashion runways. To discover or buy more tippy-top shades, just snap your fingers…and click on

Spring Nail Colors. from Kalyca Romeo on Vimeo.


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The Last To Past the Finish Line.

tommyI remember when Tommy Hilfiger was the first to show his collections and kick off Fashion week. Now with years of experience and exceptional collections under his belt; millions of followers including celebrities, Tommy Man has moved from the starter to the  “Last To Show” spot, during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.

To make things better, he’s throwing a little cocktail party for his new, very big Fifth Avenue flagship store. This is the only event where been last, is a good thing.


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Let’s Start with New York.

new york 1

This was tough to do, after seeing most of the Fall’09 collections how do I go about picking one accessory collection that stood out above the rest??? Yea, a tough job that I was NOT willing to do.  So I found my own solution, the more I love the collection, the more pieces I feature. 

The city that never sleeps, will be first up.

new york 2new york 3new york 4I Wish I May, I Wish I Might, count the Marc Jacobs I receive tonight…or any other night in the future!!!new york 5

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The Sexiest Spring Collection from Spring ’09

I had to post the video this weekend. Versace is know for the sexy silhouettes given to use each season. For Spring ’09 their cherry on the cake , were hearts throughout the collection.

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