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Darcel Where You At?

Came across these series of images from artist Craig Redman. His cartoon character Darcel of Darcel Disappoints made an appearance at the newly opened Louis Vuitton London Maison, and gave us his personal commentary.  Actions speak louder than words with D.D.

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Patty Cake!

Whenever you see a Christian Dior or John Galliano fashion show, the makeup gets as much attention as the clothes within the show. You can’t help but wonder, how long it took to get that makeup on and who is the mastermind or maybe the loony behind it?

Pat McGarth, a former textiles student from London, managed to make a career out of all her passions,art, makeup, and fashion without attending one makeup school for formal training.  When you love what you do, you don’t mind putting in the time, and Pat should be the poster child for this.


Her usual clients at least twice a year are Viktor & Rolf, Hussein Chalayan, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Armani.  With clients who’s interests varies each year, with each season, it takes a truly talented makeup artist to see the designers’ vision and help tell their stories. No surprise beauty brands like Giorgio Armani, Max Factor, and Cover Girl trust her to develope their cosmetics.

Just like her designer clients, McGarth is always searching for inspiration, and since she is always traveling, everything goes with her, six bags filled with books,photographs, tomes of various subjects. Another six industrial duffel bags are usually loaded with make-up. It’s only right that Pat McGarth, who is the one of the most important woman in fashion, get to travel this way.


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Big and Flashy.

flashy 1

Show It Loud, Show It Proud.  You want to be noticed, the center of attention, right?  You can do it without saying a word, by wearing some of Fall’s accessories that are flashy in all the right ways.

flashy2flashy 3

Rock your clothes with big necklaces.  Your handbags will need there own seats in restaurants because of the embelishments on them and  your shoes…ohhh your shoes. No words needed, just stares.

Don’t Hate, Congratulate.



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Stop Torturing Me.

louis vuitton chainlinkEvery fashion magazine, my favorite fashion websites, all have this Louis Vuitton necklace.  I’ve been trying to avoid this chain-link masterpiece for months, but now that I’m having dreams about it, time to embrace my obsession.  I can’t afford it right now, but it doesn’t hurt to look and stare…and stare…..

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It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye.

Fall is creeping behind summer, and pretty soon we’ll have to start wearing more clothes besides the summer dresses and strappy sandals we  love so much.

spring to fall 1

For Fall, some designers are making the transition process a bit easier ,by keeping the details used for the spring/summer pieces and incorporating them into the must-haves for next season.

Studs, Fringe, Braided Leather and Suede, are some of the details that will be here for the cold months ahead.  See what some designers came up with to make us happy ladies for Fall/Winter!

spring to fall 2spring to fall 3

spring to fall 4


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Louisss, Ohhh Louissss


Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture Book

Put it in a hardcover and make it available in English, French and Italian, then we can talk.  

Louis Vuitton has taken fashion books to a whole new place, by incorporating different forms of  art. “That’s what I’m talking about.”

The book’s contents delve into Louis Vuitton’s association with personalities from the design, architecture, photography, fashion and art since its founding in 1854.  It’s 400 pages, filled with stunning images and artwork by Takashi Murakami, will be release on September 1st, 2009 at LouisVuitton.com and at Louis Vuitton stores.

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MET Gala 2009

The annual MET Gala in NYC is what fashion followers look forward to every year like movie lovers do for the Oscar awards.  Simple and elegant is not acceptable here.  Making statements with your clothes and being unique is what will get you the headline on the stairs of the MET.

This years’s theme is “The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion.”  The exhibition will spotlight 70 desginers’ masterworks of haute couture and ready-to-wear and well as important fashion photography.  

Who better to kick things off than the Honorary Chair of the exhibit, Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss,  the model chameleon that has been the muse for many fashion designers.  


Her are some celebrities who were brave enough to put their fashion taste on display for my fellow New Yorkers to see and critique.




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